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Sharing Inspiration

Sharing inspiration is like lighting new candles from a single flame — it shares the light and allows others to share their flames, too.

Sharon Knight has been one of our inspirations for years, inspiring the Double Blessing (Brigid’s Cross / Wings of Poetry) pendant and more. We were delighted to help sponsor the production of this DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS music video. Check it out and delight in the tale of love, magic, and transformation!

“Porcelain Princess” by Sharon Knight & Winter on YouTube

Three Ways to Buy

Now there are Three ways to buy Mithros Designs jewelry!

Our Etsy Shop OdysseyCraftworks

We’re delighted to introduce our newest shopping option: OdysseyCraftworks on Etsy! Etsy is “the indie Amazon of handcrafted items, vintage treasures, and craft supplies” and now we’re there, too. Etsy has a lot of features and fun ways to discover new artists. If you’re on Etsy, you can follow our shop to be notified of our new products when they come out.

From Your Favorite Metaphysical or Pagan Shop

Talk with your shop’s manager and see if they’d be interested in buying wholesale from us and placing a special order for you. You’ll have the convenience of picking it up at your favorite shop, and they’ll make some profit. We’re firm believers in the “everybody does better when everybody does better” approach to life, and want to help shop owners get the things their customers are looking for. They can find us on Etsy Wholesale or contact us for a link to get started.

In-Person at an Event

We only attend a handful of events a year, but they are a great way to meet us, see the jewelry in person, ask questions, and check out the other goodies we have for sale, like art prints, Underhill Alchemy fragrance oils, and some special one-of-a-kind items we don’t offer online. All the events we’re scheduled to attend are on Our Calendar — the main calendar can be flipped through month-by-month, and on the sidebar under “Upcoming Events” it lists our next several events.

We think it’s worth it to take the extra time to make sure we’re serving the needs of our customers. You are our friends and our community, and we’re grateful to have the opportunity to cast your favorite myths and magic in metal.

Magic in Metal.

Every design has a story, but those are only our stories of what inspired us to make them. What is the story that the piece tells you? And what stories will you weave when you wear it?


Myths . . .       Legends . . .       Magic . . .


Choose your dream. Make it real.


We’re doing some quick re-arranging of the site to add new features, so please pardon the mess.  The shop is still open for business, though, so feel free to browse and place an order!

This way to the Mithros Designs store!

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