About Us

About Mithros Designs

We are a new startup, producing our first lines for the Pagan, New Age, and Alternative Spirituality market for Spring 2013. We’re a husband and wife team, designing and producing in our tiny shop in Kansas City, Missouri. We are operating Mithros Designs as a subsidiary of our umbrella business,Odyssey Craftworks, LLC.

About Us

“Our first jewelry collaboration was on my wedding ring.” Liv says.

Andross chimes in, “And it was the first time I’d been able to truly collaborate with someone like this. We’re actually able to communicate our design ideas back and forth to each other, without things breaking down. Do you have any idea how rare that is in the heart of the creative process?”

Andross has been working with jewelry for about 18 years, and says, “I’ve done production of every level from primitive sand-casting to CAD modeling, retail, Renaissance faires, trade shows, marketing, and even corporate management. I think I’ve done every part of this business except faceting stones. I love that I’m at a point where I can focus on the parts I’m most passionate about: creating unique and meaningful designs, working with small business owners to provide them with a quality product, and working with my hands in the shop and at the jeweler’s bench.”

Liv says, “I’ve been doing art, design, and craft pretty much my whole life, but designing jewelry feels like the culmination of all those different skills. Whether I’m modeling the piece on the computer or carving it in wax at the bench, there’s something magical about seeing the image from your head take form in front of your eyes. The first time I held a piece in my hands that looked like the idea that had come to me in the beginning, I cried. It’s about holding onto a vision and making it real — real enough to share with others, to pass on that spark of inspiration. It’s good magic.”

Our focus is on providing high-quality jewelry that is designed to last and to be worn every day.

So many modern designers are focusing on keeping the metal weight (and thereby, cost) down that they are creating fragile and unwearable pieces that catch on sweaters, lose their stones, and come apart or become mangled during ordinary everyday wear. Maybe we’re old-fashioned, but we think that solid craftsmanship and being able to stand by our products is important, and becoming all too rare.

We use 100% recycled metals, our production is all domestic, and we’re a part of the community we’re marketing to.

If you have any questions for us about our company or our products, we’d love to hear from you.

Blessings of Inspiration, Love, and Liberty to you!

Magic in Metal